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"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
Albert Einstein

Retrospective (highlights)

27.09.2016 Dansk IT - Webinar: Det digitale lederskab - Den digitale femkæmpers nøglediscipliner
21.09.2016 600minutes ExecutiveIT (Management Events) - CIO - death or resurrection?
15.09.2016 CBS / The main challenges of the CIO / Digital Innovation and Transformation
16.08.2016 EA Summer School/Digital Disruptions and Digital Architecture
21.04.2016 DMU/NB Organic Growth Scenarios in strategy
23.02.2016 Klumme i Børsen "Et digitalt Danmark"
26.01.2016 Klumme i Børsen "Få det nu fixet!" - om digitalisering af Danmark
15.12.2015 Klumme i Børsen: "Debat om den offentlige digitalisering ønskes"
04.11.2015 DanskIT EA-2015 "The Enterprise Architect in Digital Transformations"
03.11.2015 Column in Børsen "Den Digitale Bestyrelse"
06.10.2015 ITU master class "National culture and diversity management"
08.09.2015 Column in Børsen "Øg den digitale forretningsforståelse"
20.08.2015 DTU "The LEGO journey - ups and downs of a turn-around"
19.08.2015 Faarup & Partners "Porteføljestyring - af de rigtige projekter", Århus
11.08.2015 ITU EA Summer School "The Future IT organization and the Digital Architect"
23.06.2015 Børsen - Digital: Den Digitale Frontkæmper

The Man

"Digital services and products are essential in future value creation. Analog businesses will become investor repellants in the future." Jan Amtoft