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  • The Rock Stars of Digital Business
    The "digital era" that dawned upon us all in the beginning of the millennium, has gone through significant phases of development, and web commerce economy is now in full blossom.Some of the rock stars of the first web-commerce wave are well known: Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page. Their companies shot up and shook down strong and profitable industries, making dollar billionaires of their owners in the process. They base their business success on the emergence of massively large social communities on the internet which are nurtured and regulated by their businesses. The social media based web-commerce has become a profitable digital business. And they are successful digital leaders.It’s quite evident that digital business cannot be ignored by companies any more. First and foremost the business models of all industries are turning digital. If companies can’t lead or even catch up, they will vanish. Analog businesses and strategies will become “investor repellants” of the future. And toe-dipping into the pool of digital business won’t fool the seasoned investor. The business executives that successfully lead companies into the digital business era, will be the rock stars of digital business.My prediction is that in the near future, big value creation opportunities will accelerate away from the current, well-established web-commerce space, into something new. Venture capital will plunge into new opportunities based on technologies

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