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  • The Digital Innovator
    This is the digital business era. This is the decade where even companies with conservative technology adoption will reluctantly internalize that they must transform – or perish. Throughout the past 2 decades, many industry sectors have transformed fundamentally once or even twice. Some industries have lost their existence while others have shot into the sky, making dollar billionaires of their founders in less than a decade. A Digital Strategy is the combination of business and technology initiatives. To combine the two is making it stronger, more focused and more compelling – and it will help executives gain the necessary momentum to transform their enterprises. This article is the executive summary of a coming book with the title “The Digital Innovator”. The Digital Innovator is an executive who bridges business and technology in a process of business development, investment portfolio management and strategy execution. The book will target senior managers as a non-technical, practical and straight-forward recipe for success in Digital Strategies. Business and technology strategies are some of the best described disciplines of the corporate environment. This section com-bines several disciplines to create a strong, focused and compelling set of strategic actions that will help progress your company towards its destiny. It gravitates around the following key topics: Identify the dream Decide to change Specify the gaps Connect the dots Plan

A key goal is to give you inspiration on how to deal with the digital business era. Another goal is to get feedback on ideas and thoughts. Have a great digital business era!
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