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  • Digital Futures - The Internet Accelerates Again
    In 1998 the first wave of web-commerce boomed in what has later been known as “the internet bubble”. The expectations were highly inflated and when the shake-down hit the web-commerce space in 2001, expectations plummeted, leaving a vacuum in the professional investors’ space that nobody wanted to fill. Both movements were extreme and a reaction to internet illiteracy and lack of experience. But looking back at the past 20 years of web-commerce explosion, the sum of developments is far more extreme than most people imagined in those times. It is happening again, this time much faster, deeper and harder. With the exponential acceleration and the emergence of highly commoditized and useful technologies, the internet is once again sending seismic shifts through major industries. Digital Futures shape Digital Strategies. Executives use Digital Futures to prepare their enterprises on the coming digital wave of competitive battles. Many interesting digital futures are within the event horizon. While seemingly small and uninteresting, they possess gravity so strong that no industry sector will escape. They risk being ignored in most business strategies until it is too late. Enterprises that don’t follow Digital Futures risk missing the potential advantages of well-timed adoption of digital business opportunities. The digital futures trends each contribute to the digital revolution by enabling sensors and controllers to monitor and manage our

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