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Jan Amtoft is an experienced business executive and CIO in three large international enterprises and a large national company. He has extensive leadership and management experience and is multi-cultural, international and development focused. He has a BSc in Computer Science from DeMontfort University (1999) and management courses from IMD and Henley.

Digital Sessions

" The digital leadership roles are up for grabs and claimed by people with new roles as CITO or CDO. The digital sessions address  these questions in an open and engaging atmosphere." Jan Amtoft
Digital Sessions are lectures, presentations or workshops that focus on the digital transformation of enterprises and organizations. They cover digital innovation and strategy, strategy execution and transformation, digital leadership, stakeholder management and finally, how to run the CTO office - the engine room of digital business. Digital sessions can be tailored to meet specific requests.
The style varies with the requirements of the audience, as they have been held in different settings: MBA and master classes, private enterprises and government institutions, private and facilitated networks.
The sessions are based on his book projekt "The Digital Pentathlete", and various material from this project will be included.

The Digital Pentathlete

The core topic is digital business and the critical compencities and roles of the digital executive.

The Engine Room

The CTO's field of expertise: technology, processes, IT people, vendors, offshore, virtualization and everything else that makes IS/IT exciting.

The Naked Truth

The good, the bad and the ugly about digital business. Profession focused entertainment with an afterthought.