Book Project

I started this book project as a BOK (Book of Knowledge) and collected all the practices I knew well and had applied during practice in my roles as a CIO and in consulting.

I began to wonder how different this was from the future role of the digital executive? I realized that there is not one CIO role in the future, but rather 3 digital roles. One is transformative, I call it the Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer (CITO). The other is focused on running the digital business (channel) and I call that one the Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Then, finally, there is the Technology Delivery role, which I call the Chief Technology Officer role (CTO). These 3 roles interact and contribute to the digitalization of a company, the book is about what they do and how they do it.

The book is about understanding digital business, it is about the core disciplines of the digitale executive and it is about these two roles that digital executives commonly fill.

My intent is to inspire, provoke and to ask some of the questions that will – or should – keep you awake at night. Good reading!

Confucius – you cannot open a book without learning something - /jan